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Become web editor - Regulations is a virtual community revolving around the theme of the online diary and public on the Internet.

The following is referred to as the community for all members of the site.

This regulation governs the operation of the site and the community.

By registering you must realize that you will be part of a community, it is not a service that is due to you but a privilege to discuss and share emotions, feelings, reflections with other people in a spirit of solidarity and respect for others.

You will meet other people in the community, some will have a newspaper, some will not. But in any case here we all want to remain anonymous and keep a certain sphere of privacy, even if some broadcast their privacy using a newspaper on the web. So we ask you to respect the privacy and anonymity of everyone. Do not try to find out who is behind a particular nickname at all costs. If you are close friends or know a member who writes on the site, please keep this for yourself and do not expose it publicly.

By registering you acknowledge that neither the host of this site nor its (their) administrator (s) can be held responsible for the comments you make in the newspapers or the site of the site as well as those held in the private messages or in your own newspaper. Messages of a clearly illicit nature may be censored by the administrators. Newspaper authors are responsible to the law for comments posted on their forums.

The site administrator (s) reserve the right to exclude without notice any member who does not respect the rules enacted in this charter.

Logs are deleted automatically if they have no writing. They can also be deleted automatically after more than 180 days (six months) without new writing. Member accounts can be deleted automatically after 180 days (six months) without connecting to the site.

The user must provide a valid email address, and not disposable, in order to validate his registration. Any registration not validated within 48 hours will be systematically deleted.

You are paid €0.3 for each access to your journal if it is in "paid" mode.

If it is "free" mode it will be in free access.

You can write down everything you want to make a diary or journal with articles.

Whenever one of your level 1 godchild sells a newspaper you are credited with 0.1€ and each time a level 2 godson sells a newspaper you are credited with 0.05€.

Any cheating attempts will result in the immediate deletion of your account and all its winnings.

You can change the password for your journal in Account => Settings.

You can switch the newspaper to private and paid newspaper in free and free newspaper Account => Settings.

You can edit your account info in Account => My Info.

You can write your journal in the Journal section.